The Connected World
  Wednesday, Dec 2nd, 2015

The Connected World

The Connected World

It’s Christmas morning and we are getting ready to eat our family breakfast. Presents are waiting under the tree and the snowflakes are falling. All of a sudden that familiar ringtone echos through the air from my laptop. It’s my brother Skyping in from the other side of the world to join in the family activities. This is not a foreign concept anymore, the idea that friends and family members are living abroad. In fact, almost 9 million Americans are believed to live outside of US soil (this number excludes the troops stationed abroad). That’s about 3% of all Americans, who do not reside in the U.S.A. The world is changing, and we are demanding it to become more connected.

“Skype has exceeded 280 million users.”

Instant messaging, video conferencing, and streaming services have become the norm this millennium. In fact, 50% of all North American jobs are compatible with telecommuting, and around 25% of all workers work from home in some capacity. The point is our world is growing fast, and all of us are becoming more connected than ever. Because of this connectivity, it should come as no surprise that businesses, and online based services, are becoming easier to access and more prevalent. Here are some services utilizing this exact concept, none of these businesses would be possible without the use of the internet and current technologies.

  1. I do Stream - A service that streams weddings. What a concept, that we can log into a website and watch our friends or family members get hitched right before our eyes. I know I’ve been left off the guest list for a few destination weddings in my time, this service would have been great to share those special moments.

  2. Wave FX - Streaming live events, and conferences is a great way to save travel time and costs for potential attendees. This is a very logical step for businesses and individuals to save money, and reduce travel time.

  3. One Room - Streaming funeral and celebration of life services. While it might seem like a strange concept at first, logging in to hear all of those fantastic and meaningful stories about someone is a nice way to remember them, and show respect for the life that they lived.

We live in a time where all of our information is being shared, thanks to Facebook and Google, and because of this privacy has taken on a whole new meaning. Moment’s that were once considered private, or intimate, have become just another part of our day. Streaming life events, and sharing that with our friends and families abroad, has become the norm and it’s not changing anytime soon.