Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about OneRoom

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about OneRoom

Top FAQs

My login information is not working - what do I do?
If you have received login information that is not working, please contact us here.
I haven’t received any login information or email invitation - what do I do?
Please contact the funeral home or funeral organizers that are arranging the service. For privacy reasons, OneRoom cannot provide any login details.
How/where do I view a service?

If you have an invitation email, click the ‘View Service’ button. This will take you right to the stream page.

If you have been provided with a link that starts with '' that link should take you straight in to view the service.

If you've been provided with an Event ID and password, log in here:

If your login credentials are not working, please contact us here 

If you have not received any login information or invitation email, please contact the Funeral Home or funeral organizers that are arranging the service. For privacy reasons, OneRoom cannot provide any login details.

Watching a service online


I'm getting an error message, what does it mean?

“Stream starts at…” - The service hasn’t yet started. You are on the right page - it will start automatically. If you believe it should have started already, try refreshing your page.

“Streaming has ended, video is being archived now” - the service has concluded, and the recording will be available soon - usually within 10 - 30 minutes.

“This camera is temporarily unavailable” - There may be a connection issue on a single camera. If all camera views are unavailable, please contact us.

This error message can also happen if using an unsupported internet browser.

All major browsers are supported by OneRoom, though older versions may present issues. You may need to confirm your browser version and update if it is too old.

Check browser detail using this link:

Following are links to major browsers where you can download current versions (ensure you download the correct version for your device).


Microsoft Edge



Why can't I hear the service?

Audio should be available with the video across all camera views.

If you are not hearing anything, check that your device volume is not muted. Hover your mouse on the screen and click the volume icon in the utility bar at the bottom of the screen to see if the volume is turned up try viewing on another device if one is available

If issues persist, please contact us.

Who can I speak to about quality issues?

If you have any comments about quality (good or bad) please contact us.


Can I switch camera views?

Many homes provide multiple camera views and/or a view of the tribute media. You can change view by clicking the camera icon at the bottom right of the stream page and selecting the camera you wish to view.

Can I find out more about the Funeral Home where the service is being held?

Yes, If you hover your mouse over the Venue tab at the top of the screen details about the home will be displayed on screen.

Can I find out more about the service?

If you hover your mouse over the Event tab at the top of the screen, details about the service will be displayed. There may be an "Online Tributes" button you can click to access the tribute/memorial site on the funeral homes website. This will be displayed in a separate tab on your browser and you can click back to the tab showing the video.

Can I use Google Chromecast to watch the service on my TV?

Currently we don't have the ability to cast our web-viewer directly to a Chromecast device. However, if you're viewing the stream on Google Chrome on PC or Mac, it's possible to Cast Google Chrome itself to a Chromecast device. For more info on this, refer to Google's help here.

Can I be seen or heard while watching a stream?

No, viewers cannot be seen or heard or heard by other viewers or chapel attendees through a OneRoom stream.

What devices can I use to watch the service?

Most modern devices including PCs, Macs, iPhones and Android devices will work. Ensure you are using an up-to-date internet browser.

Check browser detail using this link -

Following are links to access major browsers where you can download current versions (ensure you download the correct version for your device).


Microsoft Edge



Can I watch the service later, when the service has finished?

Yes, you can access the archived recording once the service is over. This will be accessible for up to 3 months following the live stream.

If the service is no longer accessible and you wish to download it, please contact us.

Will watching a service use data on my mobile device?

Yes, streaming a service will consume mobile data. A typical service may consume about 1GB of data.

If you do not have a enough data available on your mobile plan, consider switching your connection to WiFi

What speed does my internet need to be?

To view the service without disruption, you will need a minimum of 512Kbps or 0.5Mbps. Our streaming website will automatically seek the highest speed available on your device to give the best viewing experience.

If the speed seems too low, click the "Settings" cogwheel icon in the bottom utility bar of the viewing screen and select 720p if it's available. If 720p is not presented, the speed may be restricted at the funeral home or on your viewing device.

Check your internet speed using this link -

Download a recording


Why haven't I received the download links or payment receipt by email?

Once you have purchased the recording download you should receive a payment receipt and email with the download links.

If you completed the download process but have not received an email at the address used, please contact us with details of the service.

I downloaded the recording but can’t find it - where has my download gone?

The download location depends on where your default download location has been set within your own internet browser settings. Most browsers will download files to your ‘Downloads’ folder on your PC, Mac or mobile device.

If you can’t locate it, try downloading again. If you’re still having trouble contact us here.


Can I download a recording of the service?

It is possible to download a copy of a service if the arranging funeral director has granted download access for your email address

If you have attempted to log in but are denied access, please contact the funeral arrangers to ask for download permission. For privacy reasons, OneRoom cannot grant permission.

Is there a fee for downloading?

While we don’t charge viewers for watching streams or recordings online, we do have a download fee.

The fee amount and currency depends on the country in which the funeral took place. Once logged in to our download page, you will be provided the cost.

How long will the download take?

Video files can be large and depending on your internet speed may take some time to download. Please make sure your device is plugged in and can be left to complete the download process.

I have already paid the download fee but I want to download again - how can I get the download links?

Contact us here with your contact information, and details of the service recording you require

Can I download recordings from all cameras?

Yes, you will have the option to download all available camera views.

What if my download link expires?

Download links will remain active for 7 days. If you have received download links but they have expired or no longer work, please contact us.

Contact us

f you're looking for login details, passwords or access to watch a service, please contact the funeral directors or family. For privacy reasons, we cannot provide you access ourselves.

If you still can't find the answer to your question, please fill out the form below and we'll endeavor to help you.