Welcome to the help section. We have collated a list of the most frequently asked questions people have, so click on any question below and it will take you down the page to the answer.

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Watching a service online

  1. What devices can I use to watch the service?

    Any device that can connect to the internet and play video and audio will work.

  2. Can I watch the service live, in real time?

    Yes, If you have received an email invitation or log in details you can view the service live.

  3. How do I access the live stream?

    1. If you have received an email invitation, simply click on the ""Click Here to View Service"" button in the email.
    2. If you have received the log in details and password, you can go to the login page, then enter the details in the required fields.
    3. In some cases you may be sent a link to the the Funeral Home website and be able to view the service from the tribute or memorial page set up for the service.

    If you do not have an email invitation, or log in details, or cannot access the service please contact the Funeral Home that is arranging the service directly.

  4. Can I watch the service later, when the service has finished?

    Yes, you can access the archived recording once the service is over. This will be accessible up to 3 months following the service.

    If the service is no longer accessible, please contact the arranging funeral home to request further access, or contact us.

  5. Why can't I see the video?

    All major browsers are supported by OneRoom, though older versions may present issues. You may need to confirm your browser version and update if it is too old.

    Check browser detail using this link - whatsmybrowser.org

    Following are links to access major browsers where you can download current versions (ensure you download the correct version for your device).

  6. Why can't I hear the service?

    Audio should be available with the video across all camera views.

    If you are not hearing anything please check that your device volume is not muted. Try viewing on another device if one is available.

    Hover mouse on screen and click the volume icon in the utility bar at the bottom of the screen to see if the volume is turned up.

    If issues persist, please contact us

  7. Will watching a service use data on my mobile device?

    Yes, streaming video will consume data allowance. You should confirm details of your plan. A typical service may consume 1GB of data.

    If you do not have sufficient data on your mobile plan you should consider viewing via wifi, a fixed wire device or contact your mobile provider about lifting your mobile data cap.

  8. What speed does my internet need to be?

    To view the service without disruption you will need a minimum of 512Kbps or 0.5Mbps. The system will automatically seek the highest speed available on your device to give the best viewing experience.

    If the speed seems too low, click the "Settings" cog wheel in the bottom utility bar of the viewing screen and select 720p if it is available. If 720p is not presented, the speed may be restricted at the funeral home side or on your viewing device.

    Check your internet speed using this link - speedtest.net

  9. I'm getting an error message, what does it mean?

    • Pending - the service has not started yet.
    • Streaming has ended, video is being archived now - the service has concluded and the recording will be available soon- usually within 10 - 30 minutes. During this period you will be presented with a status message.
    • This camera is temporarily unavailable - There may be a connection issue on a single camera.

    If any error message persists for more than 2 hours, please contact us.

  10. Can I switch camera views?

    Many homes provide multiple camera views and/or a view of the tribute screen. You can change which camera to view by clicking the camera icon at the bottom right of the viewer page and selecting the thumbnail of the camera you wish to view.

    If a camera is unavailable, please select a different view and check the other view again later. Sometimes the funeral home may not be displaying images from a certain camera. If the problem persists after a day please contact us.

  11. Can I find out more about the Funeral Home where the service is being held?

    Yes, If you hover your mouse over the Venue tab at the top of the screen details about the home will be displayed on screen.

  12. Can I find out more about the service?

    If you hover your mouse over the Event tab at the top of the screen, details about the service will be displayed. There may be a "Online Tributes" link you can click to access the tribute/memorial site on the funeral homes website. This will be displayed in a separate tab on your browser and you can click back to the tab showing the video.

  13. Who can I speak to about quality issues?

    If you have any comments about quality (good or bad) please contact us here.

  14. Can I use Google Chromecast to watch the service on my TV?

    Currently we don't have the ability to cast our web-viewer directly to a Chromecast device. However, if you're viewing the stream on a Google Chrome on PC or Mac, it's possible to cast Google Chrome itself to a Chromecast device. For more info on this, refer to Google's help here.

  15. Can I be seen or heard while watching a stream?

    No, viewers cannot be seen or heard or heard by other viewers or chapel attendees through a OneRoom stream.

Downloading a Recording

  1. Can I download a recording of the service?

    For Privacy reasons, it is only possible to download a copy of the recording if the arranging funeral director has granted access in the system.

    If you have loaded log in details but cannot get access to the download, please contact the funeral home.

  2. I have permission to download, what do I do now?

    If you have permission in our system you can use the email invitation to click on the download link or go to download page to access the download link. Enter the required details and you will be taken through the download process.

    If you are having trouble accessing the download please contact us.

  3. Can I download recordings from all cameras?

    Yes, you will receive links from all cameras. Click on the views you want to download.

  4. How long will the download take?

    Video files can be large and depending on your internet speed may take some time to download. Please make sure your device is plugged in and can be left to complete the download process.

  5. How large is the download file?

    This will depend on the duration of the service but most files are 300MB or larger.

  6. Where will the file be once I have downloaded it?

    You should see the download in the lower left corner of your browser page or you can check the Download folder in your Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

  7. Can I cancel a download once it has started?

    If you have started a download but wish to stop, check the lower left corner of your browser to see progress of the download, right click and choose "cancel download". The file will remain active for you to download again for up to 7 days.

If you still can't find the answer to your question, please contact us and we'll endeavour to help you.