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Q: How do I download service?

A: Almost as soon as a service is finished it can be downloaded. (It usually takes less than half an hour for the files to be transcoded and available for download after a service has finished.)

Please note: Only family and friends who have their email addresses added to our official list are eligible to download.
One Room is unable to add people to this list. You must contact the Funeral Home directly to be added.

You can download service by following these steps:

  1. Go to the following web page - http://www.oneroom.co.nz/viewers or click the download service button from the email invitation

  2. Click on the “Download/Extend” button

  3. Type the email address and password into the appropriate fields
    EMAIL - [use the email address you used to view the invitation]
    PASSWORD – [Password for the event shown in the invitation]
    Then click "download/extend" button at bottom right

  4. Once you are in the confirmation screen click on the "download" button and then the green "continue" button

  5. Enter the email you would like the email links to be sent to and after reading our terms and conditions, tick the box and press continue.

  6. Enter payment details in the DPS payment gateway page – once completed you will get a confirmation screen with a confirmation number. Please check your email to confirm.

  7. You will receive two emails as follows:

    • a. Payment confirmatiob

    • b. Invitation to download the files (make sure you click to download pictures to get a full view of the email)

  8. Click on the "click here to download service" link near the bottom of the email – this will open a thumbnail view of the streams available

  9. Click on the stream(s) you would like to download – you should see this download happening in the bottom left hand corner of you screen

  10. Once the download is complete (it may take some time as it is quite a large file) click on the file to play it or go to your download folder in Windows Explorer where it should be filed.

  11. You can then copy it to USB drive or DVD for sharing or backup.

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