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Q: How do I extend my archive? Am I able to download my archive as a file?

A: Almost as soon as a service is finished it can be extended. (It usually takes less than half an hour for the files to be transcoded and available for extension after a service has finished.)

Please note: Only family and friends who have their email addresses added to our official list are eligible to extend. If you select to purchase extend plan then you won't be able to get link to download.
One Room is unable to add people to this list. You must contact the Funeral Home directly to be added.

You can access the extension and download options by following these steps:

  1. Go to the following website http://www.oneroom.co.nz/viewers

  2. Click on the “Download/Extend” button

  3. Enter the email address and password into the appropriate fields

  4. Once you are in the payment gateway click on the "5 YEAR storage" button for extension.

  5. Enter payment detail in the DPS gateway.

  6. You will receive confirmation email in you inbox. If you dont get email then please check span folder.

  7. Service's expire date will be extended

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