What is One Room?

One Room is the world-leading video recording platform specifically designed for Churches and Funeral Homes. Our patented, fully automated system records and streams live, in high quality video. It is superior to other systems because of its ease of use and recording quality.
A Funeral Director or Church Administrator can set up the recording and streaming of important events in less than two minutes. Whether this is a sermon, a funeral, wedding or christening, it is easy with One Room.

If you want your audience to be able to view the event “live” One room creates an invitation link that can be emailed to the congregation, family or friends for access the service. One Room also archives the event so it may be viewed in the days, months or years to come, being held for future generations.

One Room provides an opportunity for private farewells, public celebrations, teaching and commemorating – the choice is yours. With a single click, viewing a One Room service is simple.

For more information about how your Funeral Home or Church may benefit from the One Room platform please email us today and our friendly team will be in contact.
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