Why One Room?

Every week all over America churches are running life-changing events. Pastors are spending millions of hours preparing and delivering messages. Many churches capture this moment by recording the audio and making it available to the congregation. However, the power of intangibles such as the body language, facial expressions and gestures are lost. Video communicates the message more clearly.

Other important events such as weddings, christenings and funerals are significant to different groups within your congregation and community. These events are once-in-a-lifetime and often it is too expensive to record professionally.

One Room is a fully automated video recording and streaming system that professionally captures these events with no volunteer expertise or effort required

As our lives get busier and the distances between those that matter grow, its not always possible to be where you would like to be. One Room video streaming closes the distance and enables congregations, families and friends to be part of important services either live while the service happens or later, when time permits.

Don’t lose those important moments, call One Room today.

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