What is One Room?

One Room is the world-leading video recording platform specifically designed for Funeral Homes and Crematoriums. Our patented, fully automated system records, stores and can stream live or delayed, a high-quality video of the funeral event. One Room preserves and unlocks family history. Family members and friends who are unable to be there because of age, distance or ill-health need not miss out on this special occasion.

Why One Room – for Funeral Home Directors

One Room is becoming a normal addon component of a professionally run memorial service. It is a simple matter for the Funeral Director to articulate the cost and benefits of One Room to the family. All the family need do is provide an email address. It then takes less than two minutes for a Funeral Attendant to setup the recording and streaming (also known as webcasting). They simply fill out the One Room web form and the job is done.

Why One Room? A Funeral Directors’ view

One Room provides the initial installation and setup of the camera’s and equipment in the Chapel or Crematorium. Installation normally takes approximately 3-4 hours. We also provide on- going support. There is no need to worry about the technology we take care of that. Once it is setup there is no need for the Funeral Attendant to touch it, it all happens automatically.

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Why One Room – for Crematoriums

An interview with Clifton Thomson, a 34-year funeral industry veteran, talks about how the installation and use of One Room has lead the expansion of business for his Crematorium. See

For more information about how your Funeral Home or Crematorium may benefit from the One Room world-leading platform please email us today.

Why One Room – for Families

Funerals are often both emotional and busy times for the close family members. Old friends and family gather and important words are spoken, One Room ensures these aren’t forgotten and are available to families as a lasting record of the final event in their loved one’s life.

Through a simple email invitation, the family can invite other members and friends who are unable to attend in person to watch the service live or delayed. One Room preserves and unlocks family history by digitally storing the funeral and then making it available to the family anywhere in the world both now and for future generations.

One Room’s single click viewing provides a simple way for families to connect world-wide for either a private farewell or public celebration – the choice is yours.

For more information about which Funeral Homes and Crematorium provide the One Room Service please email us today and our friendly team will be in contact.

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