One Room

The One Room system combines high quality hardware and cutting edge software to enable venues to webcast live events around the world. Our unique automated system requires no computer on site, and allows events to be set up from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Events can be booked into our admin system, and the cameras will turn on and record at the designated time, streaming out footage to friends and family who have been issued secure login details via automated email invitations.

The event recording is also stored for 90 days, and can be viewed at any time from any country.

Download and archive extension options are available to ensure that an event can be protected and shared for years to come.

One Room Remote

The One Room Remote App allows Pastors, Funeral Directors, designated staff or volunteer to be able to extend or stop a service from an iOS device.

With the simple touch of a button, they can control the recording to ensure that services that either run longer or finish earlier than anticipated can be stopped or extended as required. This means that they have more control and flexibility, should they be unable to get to a computer to make changes on the admin site.

The One Room Remote App can be downloaded here.

One Room iOS and Android App

The designated iOS and Android App was designed to make watching a One Room service a beautiful experience. It can be downloaded (at no cost) from the iTunes store. (iPhone and Android users will automatically be redirected here to download when they try to watch a service.)

The App allows the viewer to move between camera views flawlessly (where multiple camera views are available), see information about the venue, and view links to memorial sites (if family have chosen to create memorial pages).

The One Room iOS and Android App can be downloaded here.