Funeral live-streaming and recording software

To access the OneRoom Platform, you can choose to either:

  • prepay a monthly plan or
  • pay-as-you-go

The OneRoom App is included in your subscription.  

Equipment solutions

At OneRoom, we offer packaged equipment solutions for every funeral business.

OneRoom In-Chapel is our managed solution that focuses on the family thanks to discrete, self-managed fixed cameras.
They allow a live funeral service to be viewed through up to 4 different camera views enabling families to get a full view of the service.
This type of equipment solution is available for purchase upfront or lease.

OneRoom Off-Site is our ready-to-operate portable camera kit.
A reliable, high quality and flexible managed solution that allows you to live-stream a funeral service and record from anywhere.
This mobile kit is a safer alternative to DIY live-streaming via a public platform and available for purchase upfront only.

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