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Bringing people together when it matters most.

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Without OneRoom we would have missed an important event in our lives.

— Henry (son)

Remember together

There are reasons why we may be forced to miss the funeral of a loved one.

But now there is a way to be there, whatever our circumstance. To remember, together.


With technology an increasing part of our daily lives, more and more families around the world are choosing to OneRoom the funeral services of their loved ones. Remembering starts now.

This webcast is a huge part of my grieving process. I have watched it to listen and take things in, to keep Dad’s memories alive.

— Debbie (daughter)

You only get one chance
OneRoom is a way to remember and share the life story with everyone that was part of it.

Connecting family and friends
OneRoom lets them be part of the experience, regardless of location or circumstances.

Memories stored for a lifetime
Watching again can be of comfort at a later time. The recording is safely preserved for future generations.

Simple for everyone
Password-protected access to the private online stream or archive.

OneRoom is so simple and easy to use. And the family just benefits so greatly from this.

— Kyle (Funeral Director)

How it works

1. Schedule

The funeral home schedules the service for an automated recording.

2. Invite

The family member organizing the service will receive an email invitation that can be forwarded to others.

3. Record and view

When the service begins, cameras begin recording and streaming, simple as that.

4. Watch again

The archived recording of the service is accessible through the same email invitation and can be downloaded to share for generations to come.

We were fortunate that we had them film the service. It was good to see their laughter. So even though I cried, it helped me in the healing process.

— Nancy (wife)