Sterling White manages overflow with their OneRoom system

"When we have large crowds, we stream the service in the lobby, in the reception, so that accommodates even more guests ."

Sterling White Funeral Home Logo— Bella Dion,
Managing Partner,
Sterling White

“After attempting to live stream ourselves with poor results, we decided to install One Room in all our chapels. The investment is worth every cent. It is super easy to set up and book for any Funeral Director. The ability for viewers to toggle between the three camera inputs during the service is also excellent. Would highly recommend for hands-off reliability and quality.”

— Danny Langstraat, Harbour City Funerals

Helping families capture the stories shared for future generations

"As long as you continue to talk about your loved one, as long as you continue to share the memories, they're still with you. And that's what it's about, the passing on of the legacy ."

Hillier Funeral Home LogoManager,
Hillier Funeral Home

Both of our 2 locations feel like this adds another 1st class service to what we do already & it gives us the advantage of helping grow our call volume.”

— Stuart Murray, General Manager, Hainstock's Funeral Home and Crematorium

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