We founded OneRoom in 2008 to deliver world-class solutions for online streaming, and soon noticed the deep impact our technology had on the funeral sector. Enabling people to capture and not to miss out on one of life’s important moments was a unique opportunity: our technology would help improve people’s experiences during a difficult time. What more could we ask for? We soon specialized exclusively in the funeral sector.

Whilst we are still at the beginning of our journey, we are now operating across four countries (United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and have already streamed and recorded funeral services and memorials for hundreds of thousands of online guests.

Working closely with our partners in the funeral sector, we have developed a deep understanding of not only their needs, but also the unique demands of families and guests during this special point in their life.

Simplicity and reliability is key. That is why we built the platform natively inside Amazon Web Services (AWS) and engineered it around automation. By providing a monitored and managed platform, we remove the worry around recording and sharing the funeral service. Making sure our partners can fully focus on families and guests.

We understand the trust placed on our partners to deliver a quality service for people during this unique time in their life. By consistently delivering an excellent user experience, responsive support by our expert team and effective marketing materials we will build a long term relationship.

Together, we can help more people to share important moments.