OneRoom gives your business a competitive edge in a tech-savvy, 21st century marketplace.

The streaming and recording makes every service you arrange an enduring example of the care and experience you deliver.

It is a seamless way to bring people to your website or social media pages for a better understanding of the services you offer.

"You never know in life how many people you affect"

— Michael (Brother and Funeral Director)

How it works

We’ve designed OneRoom to be as simple to use as possible for both funeral directors and the families that choose to take advantage of it. Here’s how the process goes:



Enter the time and date into the system.




The family members will receive an email invitation that they can forward guests access the service at the click of a button.


Record & View

Record & View

When the service begins, the cameras start rolling automatically. The guests self-select camera views or even what is playing on the tribute screen.


Watch Again

Watch Again

The recording is available online following the service. Families can download it onto a file or DVD.

"Our directors can set it and forget it …and that is one less thing I have to worry about."

— James (FD and Managing Partner)


Reliable recordings

Discrete, self-managed cameras allow the service to occur naturally. Remote guests will feel part of the event like never before.

High quality

OneRoom allows families and friends to reflect on the occasion in their own time.

Simple solution

Our ‘set and forget’ system means that cameras start and stop recording automatically, with no input required on the day.

Private and secure

All streams are encrypted, secure and password controlled. Only those intended to view the service will do so.

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