Validated performance

All equipment included in the OneRoom Off-Site mobile kit works cohesively together. The mobile device is optimized for funeral live streaming. Just tap the record button.

Controlled device

The mobile device is fully set up to stream funeral services using the OneRoom App, and nothing else. Automatic app and firmware updates ensure the best experience possible.

Always recording

We're committed to always delivering a service video. Backup recordings are saved on the mobile device whilst streaming, just in case a network outage affect the live-stream.

Reliable solution

Our monitored and managed service looks for problems before they happen. The solution provides access to an unlimited number of online viewers at once.

Real-time support

For over 10 years we have been here to help fix any issues and treat your reputation like it's our own. Our partner success team is available for your staff and your online guests 24/7.

Private and secure

The family chooses who attends, by invitation or public link. Unlike social media platforms, the OneRoom Platform offers a private channel, customized for your funeral home.

“My biggest concern was relying on the internet to provide the full-service experience. OneRoom automatically records the service, which is then available for people to watch.”

— Holley Sowards, Service and Operations Manager at Einan’s at Sunset Funeral Home

What's included with OneRoom Off-Site

The OneRoom Off-Site solution arrives ready-to-operate and includes:

  • Subscription to the OneRoom Platform, prepay a monthly plan or pay-as-you-go)
  • The OneRoom App, preloaded and linked to the OneRoom Platform
  • A managed mobile filming kit (purchase only): mobile device (optional), tripod and mount, microphone, power bank, external power bank and charging station, in a weatherproof bag
  • Dedicated OneRoom mobile server
  • Unlimited data plan (USA only)

Bring your own mobile device

Like many funeral homes, you may already have invested in a remote streaming kit.  That doesn't prevent you from offering an assured online funeral viewing experience with OneRoom. All you have to do is contact our team to set up an account and download the OneRoom App. However, know that the functionality we offer differs when you bring your own equipment. 

Unmanaged (your mobile device)

  • No mobile data SIM or plan
  • Uncontrolled mobile device
  • No assurance of equipment performance
  • Manual app and firmware updates
  • Limited support

Managed (our mobile device)

  • Mobile data plan included (USA only)
  • Controlled mobile device 
  • Validated equipment performance 
  • Remote access and management
  • Full support
  • Equipment warranty

How do you stream in your chapel?

If you’re looking for a solution that your staff won't have to manage, OneRoom In-Chapel is perfect for you. Discrete, self-managed fixed cameras allow the service to occur naturally. As a result, the online family feels part of the event like never before, removing the barrier and technology risks.

Catering for 4,000+ viewers live

Catering for 4,000+ viewers live

More than 1 million viewers each year

More than 1 million viewers each year

Available in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Available in USA, Canada, Australia, NZ

24/7 customer support

24/7 partner support