High quality

The OneRoom Platform is built-for-purpose with the family's experience top of mind. For over 10 years, we have been improving and adapting the platform to best manage your events.

Private and secure

The family chooses who attends by invitation or public link. Unlike social media platforms, the OneRoom Platform offers a private channel customized for each funeral home.

Reliable solution

Our monitored and managed service looks for problems before they happen. We keep a back-up recording on the cameras, just in case network outages affect the live-stream.                

Flexible streaming

Our packaged equipment solutions cater to the needs of every funeral home - automated fixed camera or an option to use your own mobile device.


“The OneRoom Platform is a good, easy-to-use product, and it’s turnkey. It helps to differentiate those funeral homes that are world-class.”

— Mark Krause, president and funeral director, Krause Funeral Homes

The most reliable funeral streaming platform

Setting up funeral services on the OneRoom Platform

Manage individual services

  • Automatic filming technology, cameras turn on and off automatically at the scheduled time
  • Offline recording back-up on all cameras
  • Recording file upload to admin console
  • Systems check pre-live and remote management of equipment (OneRoom In-Chapel only)
  • Full access and edit control prior to and following the service
  • Invitation gateway - privacy control, password protected email invitations and online guest list

View and download

  • Managed streaming quality - every guest has the best experience their internet connection allows for
  • Options for multiple camera views (OneRoom In-Chapel only, dependent on venue)
  • Online access to recording on demand for 90 days after the service
  • Recording download available as a MP4 file 
  • Ability to extend the recording online availability for 30 days
  • All service recordings are automatically archived in the OneRoom Vault, indefinitely
OneRoom Platform screenshot 210826 updated
Understand your online funeral streaming audience with the OneRoom Platform

Own a private channel

  • Links to online obituary/memorial pages
  • Links to and from your website of Facebook page
  • Customized ‘virtual venue’ with your branding and contact details
  • Easy access to all previously recorded services
  • Online viewer analytics per event or aggregated - number of viewers, location, device used, etc.

How the OneRoom Platform works

We’ve designed the OneRoom Platform to be as simple to use as possible for both funeral directors and families. Here’s how it works:

schedule your funeral service


Set up the event and enter the time and date.


invite the family to the funeral service


The family contact receives an email invitation to forward to their guests. Or you can place a link to the service on the obituary/tribute page.


record your funeral service


When the service begins, the cameras start rolling automatically. All camera feeds are captured and stored. Recording times can be adjusted using the OneRoom App on your smartphone.


upload your service recording

View and watch again

All guests access the service at the click of a button from your website. They can self-select camera views or even what is playing on the tribute screen.
The recording is available online following the service. Families can download it from your website.

100% specialized in online funeral viewing
100% specialized in online funeral viewing
Catering for 4,000+ viewers live
Catering for 4,000+ viewers live
More than 1 million viewers each year
More than 1 million viewers each year
24/7 technical support
24/7 technical support