Comments from family

My brother’s funeral was streamed via your wonderful service and we are so grateful for what this meant to people who could not travel or make the funeral. We cannot thank you enough!

Is there a way that we can please get a copy of the service on a disk or flash drive (other method) so we can watch the service in years to come?

We have young family who we would like to give the opportunity to watch it when they are old enough to understand what has happened.

— Greta (sister)

Thank you kindly. We found the service at Holy Cross Funeral Home to be exemplary and, in addition, were delighted to be offered the webcast service so that our families in Malta could join us for the Funeral Mass.

Thank you immensely for giving us the ability to become one in "OneRoom" in our time of grief.

— Grace (family)

From Nancy (wife)

Comments from friends

Even though we live on the Gold Coast in Queensland and could not get to farewell our dear friend Clive, we felt like we were there with his wife Audrey, family and friends to say goodbye. The wonders of technology are truly positive at times like this.

— Jillian and Roy (family friends)

Thank you so much, I watched the funeral yesterday. First time I have watched a funeral online but it was expertly done, not too intrusive. It was very moving.

— Viv (family friend)

From a brother

Comments from Funeral Directors

With OneRoom our families have the choice of watching the stream live or delayed. We can also video funerals offsite (i.e. Churches) and then upload to OneRoom for our families to watch at a later time.

— Hayden (Funeral Director)

We have received many verbal accolades and even some hand written notes thanking us for offering this video streaming technology.

— James (Funeral Director)

From a purely business point of view OneRoom allows us to have far greater contact with a wider group than just the immediate family, and the fact that it's a first class product is also beneficial to our professional image.

As families become more dispersed over the face of the globe the need for OneRoom increases, we could not do without it as part of our professional service.

— Gary (Funeral Director)

From Hillier Funeral Home